Mini-Media-Player Background disappear

Hello Community,

I added my Playstation 4 with the official integration.

I would like to create a mini-media-player to show it on my lovelace.

As I start a game the cover picture instantly set as the background of the media player, that is working correctly, but when the PS4 is turned off, of course you can select a Background what to show in that case, this is already working with many of my media player entities.

In the case of PS4, its not really working.

As soon I add the background: /local/ps4.jpg the picture loads in and dissapear in 1 second later. If I save the settings also disappear, but If I refresh the page the picture is shown for 1 second and disappear. Any Idea why this is not working only with PS4 entity?

Here is the picture for easier understanding. You can see the first picture in the second of the background: /local/ps4.jpg command added and the second picture is in the next second after.

Thank you very much,