Mini-media-player shuffle Spotify

Hello, I am loving the mini media card but having some hiccups getting it to my liking. no matter what I try it always plays the same songs in the same order… I cannot get it to shuffle my Spotify playlists. I also have another mini media card that has radio station shortcuts, as I could not figure out to have radio and Spotify shortcuts on the same card :frowning: honestly any help is appreciated.

type: custom:mini-media-player
group: false
  power: true
  shuffle: true
  random_song: true
  icon_state: true
  columns: 3
    - icon: mdi:shuffle
      type: playlist
      name: Random
      id: spotify:playlist:7kWWQq0gZHaGmy4NfjnOj5
    - icon: mdi:stairs
      type: playlist
      name: Cody Outlaw
      id: spotify:playlist:06F0NZBVRyu4fe0lnPVLg4
    - service: media_player.shuffle_set
volume_stateless: false
toggle_power: true
source: icon
sound_mode: icon
info: scroll
entity: media_player.spotify_codyjon09
artwork: full-cover
shuffle: true

Were you able to get this figured out?

I am in a similar spot, setting up a mini+player to play a spotify playlist, yet I am stuck at the “shuffle” as follows:

type: custom:mini-media-player
artwork: none
source: none
  icon: true
  volume: true
  progress: true
  info: true
  controls: true
  power: true
  source: true
  sound_mode: true
  runtime: true
  columns: 2
    - name: Spotify Playlist
      type: playlist
      id: spotify:playlist:2tRoX3uNsjUDbXvcQWv6VL?si=ff832732e978457d
      data: Shuffle:true
entity: media_player.sonos_garage
name: Why doesn't it shuffle?

I believe I have stated the code correctly, nothing happens?

BTW, this specific “shuffle challenge” appears a couple of times in Home Assistant discussions, and was unable to finding a relevant usable example to leverage.

This question has been unanswered for 3 years :slight_smile:

I solved this by establishing an Input Boolean, called “shuffle” which creates an “on” “off” attribute. Than I created a separate script in UI incorporating the “choose.” function this script toggles Lovelace’s media player’s shuffle on and off based on the input booleans attribute. to get it on the lovelace dashboard all it took was a custom button triggering the afore mentioned input Boolean.

simple, all UI… works

This works for me:

    - name: Playlists name
      type: service
      id: spotcast.start
        uri: spotify:playlist:3xN6J0LCyVj8k1gVCguWRH
        shuffle: true
        random_song: true
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I am seeing error:

extra keys not allowed @ data['shuffle']

when trying to shuffle.

Anyone had any recent success shuffling spotify playlist by script?