Mini pc recom

Im switching from a pi 4. Im looking for a new hardware. From aliexpress i found some beelink under $150 US. Are they enough to run HAOS with less than 100 devices. Looking for something cheap and quiet if possible.

These are all more powerful compared to a raspberry.
Because of that, and if you are moving Homeassistant from a raspberry, each of these boxes will do just fine.

Apart from that, I cannot provide any meaningful advice.

Some have dual Ethernet ports - do you need 2?
Some support nvme and 2.5 SSDs - but since they are all are preconfigured I would say it does not matter. But you might have a usecase for a second drive.
They all can be silent - under the HAOS running just Homeassistant the CPU will not work hard and should not get hot, to the degree that the fan will get noisy. But if you are about to use some additional CPU intensive work - every small fan will get loud pretty quickly.

Again, if you’re about to move the same workload that the raspberry is handling - it should work just fine on these boxes.

Just make sure to get enough disk space (check how much is currently in use) and go with the cheapest.

Thanks for the answer yeah i read that almost any hardware is ok but everyone recommends some more expensive, so i just wanted to be sure. I will get one of them and share my expirience.