Mini smart switch iHSW02 not sending additional info

Mini smart switch iHSW02
Can someone please help me to understand if this mini switch

  1. Is sending consumption (W) via zigbee
  2. Could it send consumption (W) via zigbee, if I did something else?

Image 1.

Image 2. How it looks in deconz (Add-on in HAOS), connected to HA

Image 3. How it is shown in Phoscon

Image 4.
mini switch in phoscon attrib
Image 5.
mini switch in phoscon node info
Image 6.


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This says something. But what?

I tried to look at the various documentation and see nowhere that this unit can measure and report consumption. It can report on and off when someone uses the switch to turn it on and off

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Does anyone know if this mini smart switch iHSW02 is a ZigBee repeater?

Welcome to the forum, Cleber :wave:t4:

If you look at Image 5 of the OP:
Type: Router
this switch should also work as a Zigbee Repeater.

Furthermore I have a couple of _TZ3000 here (_TZ3000_cjrngdr3 and _TZ3000_wxtp7c5y though) and they all work well as Zigbee Repeaters.