Mini split A/C with external thermostat

I have an MR Cool mini-split A/C system, with several “radiators” mounted on the wall. I’ve replaced the stock Wifi communicators with ESPHome devices.

I also have Zigbee thermostats (to control the heating baseboards) in the same rooms as the A/C.

All are integrated into HA.

The A/C units DO have thermostats in them, but their location high up on the wall in the corner doesn’t give a good correlation to the perceived room temperature.

Is there some (reasonable) way to use the Zigbee thermostats to control the A/C? Preferably with some sort of hysteresis? (I don’t want the compressor cycling on and off every few seconds or even every few minutes.)

Thanks for any thoughts.

Changing an inverter AC/heat pump from its own intelligent control to an old school bang-bang thermostat will surely kill the efficiency.

One of Tado’s modes on their IR thermostat is to program in IR codes for a warm and cool temperature, and then use those to do sort of an IR bang-bang that might be a bit more friendly on the inverter unit’s efficiency. I personally would not use it, though.

We have ceiling fans in every room, and leave them running on slow speed 24/7 during AC season. The one in our living room stirs up the air enough to make the off-for-summer heat system’s thermostat on the wall read the room temperature 3-6 degrees F lower when the AC is on with the fan…

Thanks for the reply. Sadly, I half expected your answer.

I guess I’ll stick with my current plan, setting a bit of a nonsensical temperature and manually tweaking that temperature every 30 minutes or so.