MiniDLNA and DLNA Speakers

So for the last few months thanks to the wonderful works of Steve Looman and his git repo I’ve been able to use my DLNA speakers with HA like a champ. However as part of the process of the pull to make it a main component of HA the work around that was in the custom library was removed. Steve recommended that I setup a MiniDLNA server so that my speakers can stream the files from there, i.e. grandfather clock chimes. Its been a while since I"ve needed a DLNA server and in the past I always just browsed to what I wanted from the client.
So here is the question(s)

  1. How do you find the path from DLNA to pass to the device?
  2. I’m hoping that its just a simple http path.
  3. Can TTS be used in this manner?

Thank you all for your help with this.