Minimalist-UI Custom:Button-Card , Grid layout

I am trying to create a minimalist dashboard and I am also new ti yaml.i would like to add a grid directly under the card dop i force my grid to start vertically.Is there a way to permanently fix the starting position of the grid.


title: “Home”
path: “home”

  • type: “custom:button-card”
    template: “card_esh_welcome”
    triggers_update: “input_boolean.minimalist_dropdown”
    ulm_card_esh_welcome_collapse: input_boolean.minimalist_dropdown
    ulm_weather: “weather.openweathermap”
    nav: “bathroom”
    icon: “mdi:bathtub”
    name: “Bathroom”
    color: “blue”
    nav: “lights”
    icon: “mdi:lightbulb”
    name: “Lights”
    color: “yellow”
    nav: “security”
    icon: “mdi:shield”
    name: Secure
    color: “green”
    nav: “network”
    icon: “mdi:nas”
    name: Lab
    color: “purple”
    nav: “network”
    icon: “mdi:flask”
    name: Lab
    color: “red”

  • type: horizontal-stack

    • type: ‘custom:button-card’
      template: card_person
      ulm_card_person_entity: person.jay
      ulm_card_person_use_entity_picture: true

Could we see a visual? Also:

If I understand your problem correctly, you could use this, which forces your grid to only have one column, placing all the card below eachother. This is practicly the same as vertical-stack, but then you could use the benefits from grid.

- type: grid
  columns: 1
  - type: your cards
  - and so on

More info: Grid card - Home Assistant

Better would be if you use vertical-stack in combination with horizontal-stack, like so:

- type: vertical-stack
  - type: your-card-full-width
  - type: horizontal-stack #could be 'type: grid' as well
    - type: your cards next to eachother

More info: Vertical stack card - Home Assistant

As Mention above please “format code”

And as you are using Custom:Button-Card Template ( Most likely with your button-card-grid defined there, it would be most relevant you also showed this(formatted) ( beside a pic i.e how you’d expect it to look like )

Customizing - UI Lovelace Minimalist.

🌻 Lovelace UI • Minimalist.

PS: I changed Your Header, and Category, to reflect the Dashboard , Card and “issue” you are facing.
You also might be better of Searching in The Big Forum-Topic for this Dashboard “Lovelace UI” above, and post a question in this Topic/Project
The docs for this specific Dashboard you find in the first link above

thanks every i got it to work with everyone’s suggestion