Minimum hardware for a large display Lovelace dashboard?

Currently using a pizero to run HAdashboard, but would like to take advantage of Lovelace for a better experience. Haven’t had much luck running it on the pizero.

My pi3 experience wasn’t great either, was curious if anyone has done or researched the same use case.

What’s the minimum/inexpensive way to display a lovelace screen?

Keep it headless, and use a smart tv browser using your HA url? Any device with a browser and big display would work. If it’s isolated (no LAN), then yeah a pizero probably is going to need more. OTOH, I haven’t heard many complaints about lovelace on a pi3… but not sure how many are running those non-headless (ie local hdmi display or other requiring a GPU).

This monitor I’m using isn’t very “smart” unfortunately.

I’m finding that running a modern browser with JS support for HA has been the issue. My pizero can’t even load the HA gui.

I’m in sort of the same boat. I want to use Lovelace as large displays around my shop, no interaction needed.

Even with a pi4 4GB the pages still crash sometimes and the experience is not very smooth.

I’m not well versed in the options though so I’ll be watching this thread. Just wanted to say that the experience on a new pi isn’t that great either.

Thanks, you saved me the trouble of experimenting on the pi4.

How did this go? What hardware did you settle for? I am finding that Lovelace is quite resource intensive. A retired old iPad mini will not do anymore.