Minimum memory for NUC-like Home Assistant OS install?

I recently had some luck installing Home Assistant OS on a Lenovo M90n IOT machine. 256GB SATA SSD and 4GB memory. I may be deploying this at a remote location so I’m thinking about another Home Assistant OS install at my own house. I have an old HP Mini 210 laptop with 2GB of memory and an SSD installed. I thought I might give that a go because my HA needs are pretty basic. What’s not clear is whether 2GB of memory for a raw Home Assistant OS install is enough? No VM. No Docker. No Promox. No need to share the hardware with anything else.

(I believe this laptop will take a max of 4GB but I won’t bother unless someone tells me it’s necessary.)

For just HA 2GB is plenty.

You would be fine running a number of addons with that amount of RAM also.

I have a full fledged setup on a NUC, which only uses about 1.25GB. This is running HA OS, Z-Wave, MQTT, Homekit, HA App integration, Roku, Accuweather, HACS, Unifi integration(not controller,) and the big one Frigate NVR(with one camera.) I also run VS code and a few other add-ons when needed, and see no appreciable change in ram usage. Attached is my 24 hour log of free memory(out of 16GB.)