Minimum Raspberry PI requirements?

does not mention minimum RPI requirements, but is just suggesting RPI3B+/4.

does have images for seemingly all different RPI hardware options.

I currently only have an RPI1 available, so i installed HAos 6.2 from there onto a 4GB SD card and tried to start, with no other USB I/O attached. Alas, it only gets to
the point where i see the “Please wait” window on homeassistant:8123.

Is this hardware supposed to work ? Is there some place else a set of minimum hardware requirements ? How should i troubleshoot ?

A Pi 1 is underpowered for HA, even if you get it to run, the experience will not be satisfying. At least a Pi 3 is recommended a Pi 4 would be better.

Not supported. Min RPi3B

Not big enough. Docs recommend 32Gb, but basically that is the minimum

I tried to run on RPI 3A with 16GB SD card but it crashed every week. Moved that card over to an RPI3B and it ran for months without problem. Kept my History down to just few days to reduce write cycles. Then I decided that HA was for me and moved to a 128GB SSD on the RPI3B and have dozens of sensors, switches and automations with no problem. I use 2 RIPzerow with LAN connection as remote HA with just 4 sensors each to reach BLE devices out of range of RPI3B. Very rarely have to access them.

Thanks folks

Would be great, if the installation web page would be more assertive about those minimums instead of just saying “recommended”.

What is a remote HA ?

Well, HA does run on a Pi 1B. Up until 2 weeks ago I had a Pi 1B running HA to test the beta’s on. But you have to take into consideration it is slow… Restoring a snapshot can take 2 hours, and that is running of a HDD. Installing a fresh HA OS on a SD can take 6 hours from starting the Pi to reaching the onboarding screen.

Remote home assistant is custom integration from HACS that allows you to control other home assistant setup on another device, probably just on the same network. The switches and sensors on the extra HA will appear on your main HA You just have it running on your main HA and generate tokens on the other HA and paste them in.

Interesting. I think i did let my RPI 1B over night, but nothing happened. The RPI 1B also did not like by USB Keyboad (old Logitech wireless with mouse), so i could not check locally what was running. So i gave up. I thought the most simple reason for RPI 1 to not work would be for some of the stuff in the containers to be 64 bit only…

My RPI4 just arrived and i am up to the login screen within 5 minutes *yeah.

But i am still interested in the smallest most lightweight option that i could embed into a wall box or the like and to only run really fundamental automation such as lighting automation or the like. I have an RPI zero, which IMHO would be great for that. So any pointers for remote home assisant still welcome.

Thanks folks!

I have an RPI zero w which I’ve had home assistant running on a 32gb card for a while but not really doing much, just really to see if my devices work - I only have 2 lightbulbs, a smart TV, a Roku and a smart heating system but they work, it is very slow to update but is on latest. I’ve just started buying the components for a rpi4, argon m2 case is on its way :slight_smile: