Minoston plug in unit not showing up as a switch?

i just bought this two pack of mini plug in switches from amazon, and i’m able to add them successfully but they’re only showing up as a z-wave entity (no switch to control them with)…


how do i get these into HA so i can control them?

i finally got it working. what a fiasco…

i had to delete the node first…which ended up getting stuck somehow. the entity was removed and the node removed from the zwave network, but somehow the device was still there. i had to go into the core.device_registry file and remove the device from there. then, i added it a second time…and it registered both zwave device and switch.

the second time i was upstairs next to the controller when i added, so i’m thinking it might just be overly sensitive to distance…i’ve added other devices from downstairs where i tried to add this one without issues, but perhaps this one is more sensitive. after putting it in the right place and running a heal, it seems to be working now.