Mirabella Genio IR Controller

Bought one of the controllers from KMart the other day, openened the box and then opened the unit (like all good tinkerers this was even before it was powered up, triangle drive security screws, used a tri-wing driver to get in as my triangle drive bit was too big.

TYWE3S based controller, with handy breakout through-holes, all labelled and ready to go, had it running off my laptop usb power with a double ground wire to pull GPIO0 to ground and the 2nd ground to my serial programmer, with the requisite TX\RX wires too, flashed Tasmota 6.4 on to it first go, selected the YTF IR bridge and started learning all the codes from my remotes.

$30 AUD per unit seems a good price plus being able to run the thing from a power-bank to be able to test in different rooms without powering off etc.

Weirdly the unit was detecting as an unknown device on the USB port but it didn’t provide a hardware ID, maybe there’s a serial interface already provided for programming

Just Bought the same one, easy to flash, in process of setting up using ESPhome. got pins based of your finding for IRrecv and IRsend and can see raw packets recieved

now to learning all codes i need

@aidbish Did you flash with tuya-convert or by connecting wires? I’m trying with tuya-convert and it just sits there doing nothing and eventually the IR unit drops out of pairing mode.

Hi @BradAU
I ended up opening up and just connecting pins to the ftdi

i posted a config for them on the australia certified electrical post

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OK thanks @aidbish