Mirror views between two Lovelace dashboards?

Is ti possible to mirror a view between Lovelace dashboards so that modifications to the “source” view are reflected in the “mirrored” view?

A use case is having a home dashboard and mobile dashboard with one view in common.

The obvious workaround is to cut/paste the configuration of the view between dashboards, but I wonder if there is an automatic method.


Hi, did you ever figure out how to do this? I’m in the same boat, I’ve spent a lot of time making a view for my mobile dashboard and now I want to mirror it into my tablet dashboard where I hide all the menus and use a custom sidebar.

Also looking for this, I think it would be very helpful to be able to mirror cards (not just duplicate) so you can create different views with the same cards organized differently; instead of having to maintain two lists of identical entities and risking they be about of sync.

In case of yaml-mode - just !include same file twice for every dashboard.