Missing a directory in File Editor

So, I’m trying to create a config file for neolink with the instructions below, but I don’t know how to find the directory, or then create the file “neolink.toml” within the directory. I had assumed file editor would work, but there is no “/config/addons/” folder. I instead created the directory “homeassistant/config/addons/”, but the logs in neolink still state the config file is missing. Also tried to SSH, but I have no understanding of locating the directory. The “dirs” command returned nothing, so that seemed like a dead end.
Any help is appreciated.

Neolink install/configuration instructions:

  1. Install this add-on in your HAOS instance.
  2. The operating mode of Neolink defaults to RTSP. If you prefer MQTT, please change it within the add-on configuration. Or select DUAL if you want to use RTSP and MQTT in parallel.
  3. Create the configuration file named neolink.toml in your HAOS /config/addons/ folder.
  • For configuration please follow these instructions.
  • Sample config file can be found here.
  1. Start the add-on and check the log output.
  2. The log level defaults to INFO. You can set it to error, warn, info, or debug. Most users can leave it at info, but debug can be helpful if you have issues.

Do you have the Samba Share add-on installed?

Nope. What is that?

Look for homeassistant/addons. It would be the same folder if the instructions in the addon are not up to date. config and homeassistant folders are the same folder with linked names depending on when you installed HA.

I think an issue to the add-on author is in order…

If you are having a problem with a specific AddOn, the first point of contact is in the Github post that you found it in originally.

Most if not all the people there that know the product and use the software that will be able to give you more accurate information regarding your problem.

Here you might find someone.

I was hoping someone would know where the folder directory I described was, or how to find it. I do not see a /addons folder in file editor either. Is Samba going to show me directories unavailable to file editor?

Figured it out. Samba was the key

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