Missing all light configuration options

I have just noticed, as I don’t use the options that often, but all my lights are missing the RGB/Brightness/Effect lists?

They all still continue to work and are a mix of Hue/Yeelight/Osram, using Yeelight/Hue/Zigbee2mqtt integrations dependent on the setup.

I can view the brightness and other attributes in the developer state UI.

I’ve attached an image to better show what is happening. Any ideas?

Should also mention I’m on 116.2. I’ve spun up a new docker with zero config, added a yeelight and they appear as normal, with all the configuration settings.

I think it’s similar to this: After update to 116.2 Light Groups no longer have the brightness slider, how can I fix this? - however I have some light groups, but all my singular lights are affected. To test, I removed the groups, but still the same issue appears.


Ok, found the issue to be with Firefox (Latest 81.0.2). Won’t show config options at all.

However, they work fine in Chrome.

Suspect a bug in Firefox with the latest 116 build of HA.

you sure firefox isn’t pulling cached data? the more info pages changed slightly and it could think it’s serving up correct information when it’s not. CTRL+F5

Yes, turns out it was caching problem. CTRL +F5 didn’t work, I had to clear out the cache directly from the firefox app itself. Thank you.