Missing buttons of media player and drop dow menu of players & cast error

Good evening,
after the recent updates of Home assistant I got a problem (could be more issues but considered as one) into the following

  • Missing buttons of Play, pause, volume etc at the page of Media (see picture)
  • Missing drop down menu for selecting player (four players in total)
  • When restarting the HA, Im getting error related to the “cast”. Apart some delays in restarting, no other consequence are noticed. i can reproduce this from Developer Tools/ALL YAML CONFIGURATION (see picture)

Except the web player, I have one cast and two mpd players in my YAML file. For cast and mpd players I cant create a card in dashboard and handle them from the card.

Presently running
Home Assistant 2023.6.2 Supervisor 2023.06.2 Operating System 10.2 Frontend 20230608.0 - latest

Anybody could have an idea how to retrieve the missing part of menu?
PS Im not sure if this is the correct place of the forum to post my query, please move it in case of misplacement.


Could it be as simple as clearing your cache?

Also, you need to fix whatever is generating that cast error.

I have tried clearing cache in every pc that I’m using, same is appearing even in other browsers of the same pc.

Cast error is annihilated only when removing cast device from yaml config
Edit: Just noticed the mess in radio pics, most of the flags are not matching the text in web radio


Almost same here, only there is no error,. No media control and speaker selection, no buttons and when I select some media from the list, it starts playing locally (on my laptop, f.e.) and the spinner turns endlessly where the buttons and selectors should be placed.
HA Supervised on Debian.

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Cast isn’t configured in yaml is it?

Yeap, is configured with this

    - host: 192.168.xxx.xxx

error is disappearing if # the above.
as mentioned, there are more players, mpd, configured in yaml, as well.

I tend to believe that I have two separate issues but concurrently, time wise.
The cast thing is giving me the error message but the missing menu is silent but absent!
I have the same symptoms as you and I’m suspecting that something happened during the bombardment of recent updates.

Where is that documented?

I have removed / commented the cast section in my yaml file, still have it available in Google Cast integration. Error is gone permanently!
The missing buttons and drop down menu is still there.

Last night updated

 Home Assistant 2023.7.0 
Supervisor 2023.07.1 
Operating System 10.3 
Frontend 20230705.0 - latest 

media buttons, drop down list are back in every browser that I’m trying (so far).