Missing devices when creating zha group


I have a conbee ii usb stick with the ZHA integration. At the moment I have 102 devices in the ZHA integration. It works pretty well.

I have one problem when I try to create a ZHA group: only 29 of my devices shows up in the list where I can choose which device I want to add in the group. Any idea why the device list is incomplete and how I can fix it?

At the moment I’m not able to create the groups I want. E.g I have one group called ceiling with 40 downlights. I would like to create smaller groups with only a few of the downlights in them. Problem is that the list of available devices only shows 4 of the downlights.

I appreciate your help.

I kind of solved this. If I click on one of the showed devices in the list, the rest of the missing devices shows up. Strange.