Missing DPT-types for KNX Sensor (angle 5.003)

Dear Community

I got a KNX weather station and would like to read out wind direction as well as sun position… those values come in DPT 5.003 (angle) type, but the KNX Sensor does not list this type… Couldn’t find another working type to convert it somehow… Any idea?

Here the KNX Sensor component: https://www.home-assistant.io/components/sensor.knx/

Thanks a lot in advance

I figured out a workarround using the percent value and calculating the degree value:

  - platform: knx
    name: Wetterstation.WindrichtungProz
    address: '0/3/137'
    type: 'percent'
  - platform: template
             friendly_name: 'Windrichtung'
                - sensor.wetterstation_windrichtungproz
             value_template: "{{ states('sensor.wetterstation_windrichtungproz')|float / 100 * 360 | round(0) }}"
             unit_of_measurement: 'degree'