Missing entities for a Fibaro Switch, but the others are ok


I have several Fibaro FGS223 that works great with the ZWaveJS integration.
But one of them don’t work and have some missing entities …

In this screen, the Node 18 works and the Node 19 don’t.

I tryed to re-configure the device, and the Z-Wave log seems to be good.

Is there a way to “rebuild” the entities ?

Here is the log files of the interview of both nodes : https://drive.infomaniak.com/app/share/250920/0688b2fe-a6e0-42cd-bee7-e9878b136ab4

Thanks a lot for the help !

Auto Answer to me : I find something similar in this thread : ZWaveJS - Fibaro door/window sensor 2 no entities - #11 by andyboeh

I tryed to enable the disabled entities and … voilà !
The other entities (switch, …) showed up and worked as expected !