Missing event entities for buttons

In the release 2023.8 the event entity was introduced.
I’ve been looking forward to this feature to simplify automations with ikea shortcut buttons (integrated via zigbee2mqtt).
However, no entity shows up for the button devices.
I’ve already upgraded zigbee2mqtt to its latest available version (1.32.2) and re-paired the buttons, just in case.

Is my understanding of the event entity off-spot?

I came looking for this same thing. I have a zigbee remote I wanted to use the event entity for but I don’t see it. When I search my entities I have nothing for “event”

Because the Event entity feature isn’t currently supported by Zigbee2MQTT.

2023.8.0 Release Notes

so the zigbee2mqtt would need to be modified to create the entity. That makes sense. For some reason I thought it was something that HA did on it’s own by creating an event entity on it’s own based on event/action. But that makes sense :slight_smile: thanks