Missing Groups in Lovelace

Hello. Wondering if anyone has any ideas about this. I’m running HA, latest version, on a Pi 3. Still using hte default (automatic) Lovelace UI, have not yet taken over manual configuration of it.

A couple of months ago my list of automations disappeard from the Overview page of my HA we inerface, not apparent reason. They still show up in the Cnfiguration page but this is not nearly as convenient.

Several weeks later my group of battery level indicators, configured as a group in my group.yaml file, also disappeared from the Overview page. I can’t find it anwhere. I can find the individual battery levels by looking in the entities list, or in debeloper > states, but the group seems to hae vanished, even though it is still in the group.yaml file. I’ve tried rearranging the order of the groups in the group.yaml file to see if it is, perhaps, some limit I’m not aware of on the number of things that can be displayed in the Overview page. No change, the battery level group remains missing.

Haven’t found anything in web searches or log files, and config checker continues to say everything is still fine.

I’d sure appreciate any ideas anyone might have.


Those were both intentional changes to reduce clutter in the automatically generated UI, there’s nothing wrong with your setup.

Automations are supposed to be automatic, so there’s little reason to show them on the main dashboard when you’re typically never interacting with them manually. If you do need to, they’re still just two clicks away (Configuration > Automations). Similarly the battery levels are two clicks away on your devices page (Configuration > Devices).

If you wish to add these back, you’ll have to take control of the UI. But then you’ll have to add every new entity manually from then on.