Missing groups

Groups that are auto generated don’t appear in the app.
For example, the media players group doesn’t appear so you can’t see them in the app

This is currently intentional and can be overrode in customize by setting auto: false on any all_ groups.

but this way we’ll have to actually create groups ourselves right?
I have a custom component for the icloud tracker, it creates entities for each account, entities for each device and entities for the events in your icloud calendar. In the main UI of the website these entities are grouped together in their own groups, but there isn’t a group.all_idevices…

FYI you can make groups in a component by doing something like this

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely use this :slight_smile:

You mention events in the iCloud calendar. How can I implement this into my HASS?

@Jtmoore81 they are removed from my version to just update the device_tracker entity for now.
There is another PR pending to integrate a calendar in HA, I’m waiting for that and then I’ll see to add the icloud calendar to it as well :slight_smile:

Cool…can’t wait!