Missing homematic Entities

Hello Community, I am new and switched from openhab to home assistant a few days ago. I have a lot of homematic devices in my environment. A mixed Infra with homematic and homematic ip wireless devices. I configured the connection to my ccu2 in the configuration.yaml and home assistant found a lot of entities. My problem is that not all entities I used before in openhab were found. Some devices are missing, for example my light switch HM-RC-2-PBU-FM. I can´t find this device in my entity list. My homematic thermostat device have only two entities. For example I can´t set the “window open” status so that the thermostat lowers the tremperature. Do you know why? Thanks for help

The HM-RC-2-PBU-FM is not a light, it’s a remote control. Hence it has no state. To make use of the buttons please read this part of the documentation.

As for the thermostats, not all values are passed through to Home Assistant. You should have separate entities for the window-contact and the thermostat though. The thermostat should be paired directly to the window contact, so you shouldn’t have to automate this.
You can also add the group-entities of the thermostats. That’s also mentioned in the documentation.

I have the same issue with HM-RC-2-PBU-FM. In my logs I can see my device:

DEBUG (Thread-2) [pyhomematic._hm] RPCFunctions.event: interface_id = homeassistant-wireless, address = QEQ0223116:2, value_key	= PRESS_SHORT, value = True
DEBUG (Thread-2) [pyhomematic.devicetypes.generic] HMGeneric.event: address=QEQ0223116:2, interface_id=homeassistant-wireless,key=PRESS_SHORT, value=True

I tried this without success:

    - platform: event
      event_type: homematic.keypress
        name: QEQ0223116
        channel: 1
        param: PRESS_SHORT

It also doesn’t show up when I listen to events: homematic.keypress

If I press a different homematic remote control and listen to events it shows up correctly like this:

event_type: homematic.keypress
  name: HM-PB-6-WM55 REQ0862638
  param: PRESS_SHORT
  channel: 6
origin: LOCAL
time_fired: "2022-10-13T20:28:32.527075+00:00"
context: ....

anyone any idea?

hello, if I have an integration ( homematic) and I added new devices in the gateway but I can’t see them in the entities, what can I do to have them available in ha? I checked in the logs ( with debug) that the devices are seen on startup but they don’t appear in the entities list in developer tools