Missing icons from MDI

Hi All, may I know if anyone has found a fix to missing icons in the MDI icon list? For example, mdi:ceiling-fan does not work for me, is it something that I’m doing wrong?

If you look a the detail page for that icon:


You will see that was added in v6.1.95

Home Assistant is still on v5.something.

I saw a PR for adding the latest material design icons so it will be available in the next release (2021.10).

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Noted, thanks for sharing, will wait.

Is this something that happens regularly?

I am running into something like this now with some mdi icons missing from HA.

Yes, MDI icons are updated with most releases. We are currently on v7.0.96.

So we are currently one version behind the latest release 7.1.96.

The icons missing between these two releases are listed here under “New Icons” https://pictogrammers.github.io/@mdi/font/7.1.96/

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