Missing integrations

I updated my Home assistant from 0.96.x to 0.98.1 . I originally had a hand edited configuration,yaml and the Configuration page complained that it couldn’t work with that so I moved configuration,yaml to a backup and restarted hass.

When I go into Configurations->Integrations it allows me to add new integrations but the list I can add from seems incomplete. The integrations page ( https://www.home-assistant.io/components/ ) shows 1467 components but the list I get in has is less than 100.

2 components that I had manually configured zoneminder and ring aren’t even in the list.

How do I get the full list of integrations ?

You don’t. Not all components have been added as integrations in the UI. You’ll still need to use Yaml for anything that isn’t an integration.

What? This is confusing. That page is called integrations, so I’d assume it lists integrations.

It’s really not confusing at all. There are 2 ways to integrate an integration. Via Yaml and via the UI. 90% of the integrations can only be integrated through Yaml and they are not in the UI yet. The ones that cannot be integrated through the UI do not show up in the UI.

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That is right, it lists integrations. Not stuff that can be added via the UI, although each page should tell you whether that particular integration is controlled by UI or by yaml.