Missing repository for an installed add-on

I updated to Home Assistant OS 12.4 and the Samba Backup add-on is giving me this warning:

Missing repository for an installed add-on
Repository for add-on Samba Backup is missing. This means it will not get updates, and backups may not be restored correctly as the supervisor may not be able to build/download the resources required.

Please check the add-on’s documentation for installation instructions and add the repository to the store.

But, the repository is in the store:

Any tips to repair this would be appreciated.

If you are having a problem with a specific add-on, the first point of contact is in the Github post that you found it in originally.

Most if not all the people there that know the product and use the software that will be able to give you more accurate information regarding your problem.

Here you might find someone.

I usually come to the forums first because, in general, the Github issues pages look mostly ignored. That is, years-old open issues.


Rebooted the host and the warning went away.