Missing Sensors on New Nest Intergration

I have added te new way to integrate the google home hub max. From what I can read I should get motion sensors, (along with others) as part of the entities for this device. Currently, I only have the live stream. What am I doing wrong???

Current settings in Device Console from google…

Please read Nest - Home Assistant for what you get. In particular, it sounds like you are expecting to get entities for sensors which is the legacy way to do this, instead you get device triggers for automations. (You can make sensors if you want them from template binary sensors triggered by the events)

Thanks for the reply, looks like I need to do some reading as I have not created this before.

@allenporter do you have suggestions for a starting point or even better samples? I am willing to learn if you can point me in the right direction. (I have a coding background)

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I would read all the links referenced from the doc I linked to. Though I’m not sure what you’re interested in learning about or trying to accomplish? Likely lots of good YouTube videos too about home assistant automations.

Hey, I don’t know what I’m missing. But when I go into the integration and click on the doorbell the only ‘sensor’ it shows available is the camera. Where do I find the Chime, Motion Detection, etc.

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