Missing sidebar items (How I fixed them)

Between working on updating my lovelace and after I upgraded to version .92, I had several issues that resulted in my HA just not working. I came here and to reddit for guidance and some of the issues were not listed. Based on this, I wanted to create a topic in case it will help someone else.

Two issues that I had that have topics here are the Introduction error and the system health error. I won’t go into those. Users can search that up.

The main issue I had was related to missing items on the sidebar that you see when you first configure HA. The only option I had was my Overview and Hassio. My Configuration, Map and my History options disappeared. Other things may have disappeared but these were what I used and knew were missing. Of course, I didn’t have a back up of my files and I couldn’t figure out why (because I’m a noob and they were there from the beginning). I struggled to search for key terms to find assistance.

Somehow, I finally came back to the components page here and searched up one of the missing items. Maps. I realized it was a simple line in the configuration.yaml that needed to be added back in.

It was then that I realized my issue occurred when I deleted some default line but couldn’t find it afterwards to add it back in and I just left it alone. All I had to do to fix my issue was search up the missing component and add it back to the configuration.yaml file.

One thing that would be nice is if the Component page had a “Standard” section. I think right now, the majority of these items are listed in “Other”. Having an understanding of what comes standard to the software could help people fix faster. Just a thought.

I hope this helps someone else. I know this seems really basic and I should have known it, but I didn’t and so I’m sure some other may not know. Thanks.