Missing snapshots

Hi all,

I have been running Hass.io for a while now on a raspi. I will always create a new snapshot before updating anything in my system, os or settings of any sort, and keep (general) records of what has been updated in each snapshot (i know, i should use git, but dont).

I have just run the newest update of HA and found that it has corrupted something in my environment. I have then gone into snapshots, where i located and initiated a wipe and restore to my recently made snapshot. The restore seemed to process successfully, HA rebooted and came back up, but what i found was that it restored an old snapshot from (from about 4 snapshots ago). I then went back into snapshots and could not see the snapshot I recently made, but i can see it in my backup folder (folder structure).

Has anyone else experienced missing snapshots?

You can reload your snapshots :