Missing ``state_id`` values in ``states`` table

For over a year I have been extracting data from the states table and copying it to a separate database on my Synology NAS. From there I run reports.

In my ETL process, an extract is created every hour, which is then transported to my Synology NAS and then imported into my reporting database. Before executing the import, I run a check for missing state_id values.
This ETL process has been running without problems for one and a half years, without missing a single ID.
But now, since the 2021.6 release, HA is skipping state_id values for some reason. It happened 4 times now and only a few are missing. The largest chunk was 13 IDs, but the others were only 1,3 and 4 IDs.

I don’t know if these records are simply missing (data is gone), or if the id-s just skipped a couple of beats.

Does anyone ever encountered this? I am thinking of filing a bug, but not sure.