Missing the '<' symbol beside Home Assistant so I can't collapse the menu

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to bring back my “<” symbol which normally sits beside Home Assistant in the menu towards the top of the page? Clicking on it collapses the menu but for some reason it’s gone missing in my setup. Restarted HASS, and the PI, tried different browsers but doesn’t seem to be coming back on its own. It has to be a html issue I have I’m guessing.
I use Hass.io and the latest version 0.76.2.

Try ctrl-f5, I’m assuming you mean the hamburger?

Not the hamburger, I’m talking about this this < button. Check out the photo.image
Clear cache doesn’t help.
This is what mine looks like:

Next to Home Assistant there is now a hamburger to collapse it (in the blue area at the top not in the white panel)

The ‘<’ and ‘>’ are used to scroll through the menu items if the navbar is wider than the screen.

hi @DavidFW1960 thanks for having a look at my issue.
Just to give a few more details on my issue.
I used to have both buttons, the hamburger (placed on the blue bar far left), but also the button “<” beside Home Assistant on the white background where all the menu items are (as per first photo above) but at some point, a couple of versions ago, the button “<” went away and now all I have is the hamburger button.

My use case here is that when I clicked the Floorplan item from the left menu, the blue top bar hides to allow more screen for the floor plan, then I used to click the “<” button to collapse/hide the left side menu as well and followed by an F11 in Chrome I used to have a nice full screen of my Floorplan on my screen. But not that this button “<” is no longer there, I can no longer hide the left menu when in full screen. (if I click the hamburger button, it hides the left side menu but i can no longer get to click the floorplan menu item to load it)

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue.

Actually after more research I’ve noticed that the hamburger button replaced the < button , so since that happened I can no longer view the floorplan in full screen as I can no longer access the hamburger button to hide the menu once the floorplan is loaded on the screen. I will bring this up on the floorplan post. I had the impression that I used to have both buttons in coexistence at some point but I can not find screenshots to support this. So thanks @DavidFW1960 for hinting the button < was actually replaced by the hamburger button.

I do remember it changed but I find the hamburger menu collapses it when I click on it. Which version of HA are you running?

I run the latest 0.76.2, as above my hamburger button works to collapse but it doesn’t help me since it had been relocated onto the blue bar since the blue bar goes away when floorplan loads (which was a deliberate setup since the button < used to do the hiding and I still had access to it to hide AFTER the floorplan was loaded).
I had marked your first answer as the solution since you’ve indicated that button < was replaced by the hamburger button, as we will need to find another solution for the floorplan in full screed but I will take this part to the floorplan thread. Thanks

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