Missing X on the more-info window

Anyone else missing the x to close the more-info window? clicking the left top spot in a more-info closes it, but there should have been the X?

this is on the updated App 2020.1(17) and HA 0.111.2

Still seeing the X using App 2020.1(17) and HA 0.110.7.

Have you tried the default theme to make sure it’s not your theme obscuring the X?

yes, I have tried all themes :wink:

no X in sight.

also, this is only in the app, if I use a mobile browser, even Safari, the X is there.

An app issue that only shows up if using HA above v0.110.7?

by some automagical force the X’s have re-entered the frontend in the App… how odd this is. Probably a cache thing?
marking this as solved.

Unexplained weirdness is always a cache thing :wink:

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