Mitsubishi AC model no. SEZ-KD35VAQ

I have two units of Mitsubishi SEZ-KD35VAQ. They are supplied with two wired controllers.

I was wondering if someone knows if the unit can have wifi control?
What is the part number of the module?

Also has anyone tried to connect this unit via wifi with home assistant ??

Please share your experience if you have done it

I can’t believe that nobody has an answer on this.
Someone please?

Not sure why you are so surprised. Your unit is 2012 vintage. The currently mod’d units are newer. The percentage of people that may have your exact unit that would also have the skills to attempt this is probably very very low.
Your unit does not have a CN105 connector which all units that are currently mod’d and working have. Your unit has a CN51 connector. Which is also a 5 pin connector so promising, and is used for control. Not much more info is available from the Service Manual for your unit. If this were my unit I would see if that connector is in use. It may be used if you have a wired wall control for your unit. If not I would check the pins of that connector to see if Pin1 is 12VDC, Pin2 is 5VDC and Pin 3 is Ground which would be as the CN105 connector (search for this mod on the internet and you will find all the links to the info you need). If so, I would then get the required parts (ESP-8266 device) and program it. Then connect to see if it works. I doubt if you will get anyone else to do this for you.
I wish you good luck.

First of all I want to thank. THANK YOU!
After your post, I had seconds thoughts and I had a 2nd look at the board of the unit.
I was surprised because it had a CN105 connector!!
I ordered the MAC-567IF-E, I installed the melcloud integration and it worked!! :slight_smile:

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I also have 3 of this device.
Model: SEZ-KD35VAQ
Service Ref: SEZ-KD35VAQR2. TH

It definitely has CN105 connector… at least 2 of my devices… I haven’t checked the 3rd:)
So probably there are older and newer SEZ-KD35VAQ… maybe the R2 in the service ref is the new release. What is your Service ref?

I’m using an Intesis INMBSMIT001I000 (ME-AC-MBS-1) with one of my devices, but I’d like to connect the remaining two. This intesis thing is very expensive… so I’d like to buy this wifi device, but I haven’t found whether is it compatible or not. I saw that MAC-568IF-E is compatible. Do you know what is the difference between 567 and 568?