Mitsubishi AC thermostat missing setpoint

I have mitsubishi mini splits in my home which I had added my own wifi modules that connect hassio via mqtt. They all ran fine until I moved homeassistant to a different server. In debugging issues I upgraded the firmware (Mitsubishi2MQTT) on one of the units. Turned out to be a simple configuration issue for all the units. Problem is the one I upgraded, the setpoint doesn’t work. You can see in the pic below the first floor slider is at 0, and the setpoint temp isn’t displayed.

Even if I go into the menu, the controls and temp are missing

I compared the mqtt messages and they match up between the two units except that the upgraded one has an extra message for availability. I would try downgrading to the same version as the others but can’t find that version in the repo anymore. Any one have any clue here?b