Mitsubishi AC (with WIFI module) and HA


I’ve decided to buy a Mitsubishi AC (model no: MSZ-SF35VE3) together with WiFi module. There is an option to contorl this AC thru application, but my question is: is it also possible to contorl this AC thru home assistant? Or do I need any other hardware for this? Because all i can find for controling ACs are thermostats (hardware)?

I’ve given up asking and decided to build my own. I’ve started and managed to reverse engineer the Wifi controller API. Right now this script posts updates to MQTT which can be controlled via the ‘climate’ controller:

I’ve just started, excuse the mess

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Alternatively, ditch the Mitsubishi wifi module and make your own. ScottD’s post here was my clue to get it up and running with the SwiCago arduino library and custom component. Cost about $10-$15 in parts total.

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Hi all…
vote here to get this implemented.

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Does it mean that if I buy Mitsubishi AC (mini-split) units with wi-fi support (like MSZ+AP25VGK), I’ll be able to control them via HomeAssistant?