Mitsubishi WF-RAC - (Smart M-Air)

Sounds great.

I’m in the thought process to decide between devices from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (SRK 35 ZS-WF + SRF 25 ZS-W) or Mitsubishi Electric (M-Series, MSZ-EF, MSZ-KT)…

Just be sure that the connecting device the airco is using is really the WF-RAC model.

so do I need the smart m-air app at all? How to connect otherwise to the unit?
I am connected to the ssid, but don’t know how to proceed…
I thought I saw a manual with an alternative configuration in browser IP adres, but can’t find it anymore…

I think you’ll have to use the Smart M-Air app to connect the AirCo to your home Wi-Fi the first time (how would you send it the password, otherwise?) but then you can uninstall it.

For this integration to work, you just have to know the IP address of your AirCo; for example, you can use a network scanner and see a device that in my case has a MAC address that starts with A0:43. Add its IP address to this integration and it should work!

thanks. Actually, I just managed to connect using WPS mode. (As described in manual: router on WPS mode, on remote: menu button until SL shows, UP button once for E1, SET).
So no app at all. Maybe I miss some functions, I read about firmware update for example.
I saw the MAC adres and IP in my router then, but home assistant found it by itself and offered the configuration.
(I had used HACS and added the repository, restarted.)
Really easy from there.
Maybe the name of this configuration could reflect that it can work as alternative to the app.

Of course, the integration cannot update the firmware, but apart from that you’ll be OK!

Thanks for this - just had a SRK35ZS-WF and a SRK71ZR-WF installed (the wifi adapter now built in it seems) and this integration worked immediately out of the box on both of them. Excellent work!

Only thing I’ve found so far that’s odd is that the integration lets me set the temp down to 16C but the remote will only let me go to 18C.

Hey, can anyone help me with changing the temperature unit in the control section from Fahrenheit to Celcius? For the room temp sensors I can easily change it in the integration itself, but for the control sections I dont see any options to change it?