Mitsubishi2mqtt I need to cancel topic in mqttexplorer every few days

Hi guys ,
I have updated one of my Wemos D1 connected to the Mitsubishi air conditioner with the latest version of mistubishi2mqtt firmware.
Everything seems to be working correctly but I can’t set up the temperature anymore and it isn’t displayed on the dedicated card.
If I load mqttexplore and delete the topic the option reappears!!

If you delete it from the broker and it reappears, then something must be reposting it.

Try to compare with the other devices you have to see what is different.

Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, it is reposted but after some time the temperature selector disappears. Maybe a problem with the New firmware? I’ll keep an eye out if I can identify a different behavior in mqtt messages between old and new firmware.

Ok I checked the differences.
The working one has a topic : settings( retained ) that is missing in the problematic one.
Any idea hot wo fix this?

The easiest way I can think of, create a automation with a mqtt trigger on that topic, and republish it with the retain flag set.