Mixing chromecast and Sonos in Universal Media Player

Is there a way to have a Sonos speaker and Chromecast speaker play the same audio simultaneously ? I have added my sons and chrome cast to a universal media player group, when i play music it only comes out of the sonos. The Chromecast works if I send the audio to it separately though.


Bumping up. Has anyone mixed different types of speakers into one universal player? i.e chrome cast and airplay speakers together etc. Cheers.

I’m follow thia post, it is exactly which i want to do in my house, stream music to different system by ha (i’ve chromecast audio and sonos now)

Has anyone got this to work?
I am now exactly looking for this :slight_smile:

Sonos have AirPlay capability, but no chromecast. On HomeAssistant there is addont for adding virtual airplay devices for chrome cast devices, so from iPhone you can play via AirPlay on any chromcast device via Home Assistant.
There should be also option to have it in opposite way. So create virtual chromecast device for any media player in Home Assistant. So we should be able to create virtual chromcast device which will use Sonos or any other media player.