Mixing YAML mode and Storage mode - Question about resources

I’ve been transitioning our main dashboard to YAML mode and card-mod theming to refactor and cut down on having to change duplicated things in a million places. Just wondering since I also have a few simple dashboards running in storage mode, as well as a “sketchpad” of sorts to test things out in storage mode.

Is that why I’m getting away with not explicitly listing resources in my ui-lovelace.yaml? Because they’re already loaded because of the other dashboards in storage mode?

If that is the case, is there a way to test out if I have them listed correctly in the YAML mode dashboard once I add them?

Not sure what you mean with this?

to take it at face value you don’t list resources in ui-lovelace.yaml. they go under the “lovelace:” key directly in configuration.yaml

I have mine split out using an !include but mine looks like this:

  mode: yaml
  resources: !include ui_lovelace_resources.yaml

then in “ui_lovelace_resources.yaml”:

  - url: /hacsfiles/atomic-calendar-revive/atomic-calendar-revive.js
    type: module

  - url: /hacsfiles/bar-card/bar-card.js
    type: module
  - url: /hacsfiles/battery-state-card/battery-state-card.js
    type: module

as far as I know you can use either yaml resources or UI resources or both. But I’m not sure about using both for one individual plugin listed in both places at the same time tho. That might cause an error to be logged but likely won’t prevent it from working. I think…

Thanks for the reply, I think I got this now.

Ahh sorry, didn’t know the proper place, but in configuration.yaml I only have:

  mode: storage
      mode: yaml
      title: Home
      icon: mdi:home
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: /config/dashboards/home/ui-lovelace.yaml

…for my YAML mode dashboard

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