(MJPEG) Camera Integration keeps transmitting stream to my phone even after I close the HA app

Today, for the first time, I experimented with the MJPEG camera integration.
I installed an IP Camera Server app on my tablet. It streams a MJPEG video on http://192.168.x.x:xxxx/video.

Then I added the MJPEG Camera Integration to my HA and added a Lovelace card to view the live feed.

Generally, it works nicely. I open the HA app on my Android phone. Go to the tab that had the card. And voila, my tablet’s livestream. I can see my phone is using 6MB/s download bandwidth while watching the card. And when I go to another HA tab, the download speed goes back down to 0(ish).

However, when I close the HA app (multitasking button and swipe the HA app away), it keeps transmitting the stream to my phone. The downstream stays 6MB/s.
When I open the HA app again and go to the tab containing the camera card, it seems to load a second livestream in parallel, because I can see a 12MB/s download speed on my phone. I can even trigger a third parallel stream by repeating the process (closing and reopening the app).

After some digging around, it seems HA does not completely close when swiping it away from the multitasking view (the square android button). When I swipe down the Android notification bar, Home Assistant still shows up under “active apps”. When I press the “stop” button there, it does shut down the bandwidth usage and it goes back to zero.

Could this be a bug? Or is it a feature? Would it be useful if I made a proper bug report incl screenshots and logs? Or is this normal behaviour?

TLDR: Should the MJPEG stream to my phone keep going after I close the HA app by opening the multitasking view (square android button) and closing the HA app? And when I fire the HA app up again, should it open a second parallel stream? I think the behaviour should be it closes/stops the first stream before the new stream is started.


Also experiencing this! Have had 10Gb+ burned by accessing my camera view away from home. Have 3 fully kiosk tablets setup as cameras. I think the solution would be to retransmit them via frigate, I got that working for some other cameras, but not yet got the jpeg “stream” of fully kiosk / browser_mod to successfully show up.

I can advise “Internet Speed Meter Lite” from the Play Store. It shows the real time bandwidth usage in the upper part of the screen. Next to the time, battery, network signal, etc.

But I didn’t even think of the problem of it draining my entire mobile data. Good point. At 6MB/s it would go very quickly. 21GB per hour. And I only have 6GB/month. XD

Finally got everything trough frigate via

and back in home assistant via

let’s see what happens now

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Got a badge saying above link is popular so here an update: currently using ip camera app on tablets into frigate and displaying ha via frigate card.