Mjpeg camera preview stops after 20sec

I’m using the motionEye-Addon to get data from two RTSP-cams and use mjpeg camera with picture-entity to display the cam within home assistant. It works quite good except that the preview stops after about 20-30 seconds. I have to reload the page, switch lovelace views to get it back running. Again after 20-30 seconds it stops again. Any ideas as to what’s the cause of this?

- platform: mjpeg
  name: "Camera 1"
  mjpeg_url: "http://localhost:8081/"
  still_image_url: "https://localhost:8082/picture/1/current/"
  verify_ssl: false
- type: picture-glance
  camera_image: camera.camera_1
    - switch.ir_light
    - light.doorlight
  camera_view: live