Mjpeg camera rotation?

Hello. I have “Octoprint” running on an RPi 3. Here I have a webcam connected to the printing process. In “Octoprint” you can make settings that the rotation of the camera is correct. I have adapted this and the camera team is displayed correctly in “Octoprint”

I would like to see the camera stream in HA, that works too, but turned 90 ° to the right

Have here in the forum already looking for help and also found something, but this does not work.
I think there are also several people who have a similar problem, as you can see in the search results “camera rotate”
My “configuration.yaml” contains the following …

# Kamera
# Octoprint-Kamera
  - platform: mjpeg
    name: OctoPrint
    extra_arguments: "transpose=0"

The last line I have re-inserted after I found in the forum on it, unfortunately, this error message is now displayed …
Is there a solution to the problem? I’m grateful for any help …

This is posted in the thread you linked to:

Accordingly, it looks like you would need extra_arguments: -rot 90 (or maybe extra_arguments: -rot -90) since your camera is an mjpeg.

Hello @jparthum and thanks for your answer. I have now tried different “commands”, but it always appears against the following error message:

Invalid config for [camera.mjpeg]: [extra_arguments] is an invalid option for [camera.mjpeg]. Check: camera.mjpeg->extra_arguments. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at https://home-assistant.io/components/camera.mjpeg/

In the documentation, I can not find any indication that the rotation of a stream is possible :thinking:

I’m not logged in to the Raspberry Pi forum, and I do not want to sign up.

The easiest solution is perhaps to turn the head 90 °, then the picture fits,:upside_down_face: turning the camera is more elaborate !!!

Me either, I was just going by the thread you posted a link to. But I have encountered undocumented options before so it’s not unheard of.

That was my first thought too :upside_down_face:, but I assumed that wasn’t a viable solution. I wonder if the physical camera unit is mounted sideways within its housing then rotated via proprietary viewing software?

Thank you for your help. It is not so bad that the stream is rotated. I thought it would be easy to shoot the stream. Do not want to mount the camera! But stay tuned, maybe there will be a solution.:eyes:

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I posted a possible solution in another thread: