Mmwave and zha

Hi all.

I have HA up and running for a few months now. Have the sonoff stick for zigbee and works with the sonoff light switch.

Now bought some mmwave human presence sensors from Tuya. Connects to the zigbee stick fine, but is only recognized as a router. I don’t know why.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it ZHA? Some reviews say it works with ZHA, only with less possibilities then mqqt.

Can anyone help me?

What is the exact model?

ZY-M100 Tuya Human Presence Sensor, as shown on ZY-M100 Tuya Human Presence Sensor Review | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

A mains powered device will show up as a router most of the times.
It does however look like the interview failed and it didnt find the sensor.

You can try and repair it, but switching to Zigbee2mqtt would be a better option in my opinion. Overall my devices had alot more control options with Z2M then ZHA.

Yours is not the same ID as the linked device. It likely needs a new/updated quirk.

Not uncommon for otherwise identical Tuya devices from different providers, or it could be a truly new revision.

Indeed, read “HOW TO ADD SUPPORT FOR NEW AND UNSUPPORTED DEVICES” and follow the instructions for submitting a new device feature request if there is not already open request(s) →

For reference also see →

Thanks all, as advised, after some struggle I switched to z2m and it works fine now.