Mmwave/presence radar sector map

It’s a essentially a HA version of the Aqara FP2’s zone positioning. mmwave users (esphome, zigbee/tuya, aqara, etc) can benefit greatly from having a similar map (self generated or a low fidelity snapshot from the radar unit) and zoning out regions for different automations/filters.

That would definitely be a killer feature!

I just installed the EP Lite today and I immediately went to HACS to see if I could find a map entity/integration for it. Unfortunately it didn’t return any results so my second stop was the community forum. Sadly no existing solution but i did find your post/request! Here is my vote, I’m looking forward to somebody picking this up and implementing it!

Hopefully this comment will increase the visibility of this post on the forum.

I’ll jump on this, would be a great feature

If HA had the ability to map a mmWave (or similar) multi-zone sensor onto the areas/zones that we’ve defined, it would absolutely transform how we create automations. I would gladly trade every improvement that HA has received in the past year for this one feature.