Mobile_app: bssid: 00: is replaced by 0:?


trying to track the movement of devices following the connected bssid, I found a ‘bug’ or ‘feature’ on the wifi which Mac_address starts with 00:

the mobile_app attribute bssid show this as 0:

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-17 om 15.25.01

while the other all have the first 2 digits in place:

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-17 om 15.25.12

of course I can hardcode the bssid in my templates (would rather not but hey, only 6 access points, and 4 hidden :wink: ), but since this is new territory to me (never realized the app had the bssid…) thought Id ask to be sure if this is to be expected, or could be a bug

thanks for having a look!

Same issue happens to me for some time now:

Zeroes seem to be missing when leading in any numeric part of the mac address (not only in beginning I mean).

This seems specific to iOS companion app (up BSSID in image), as it appear properly for macOS companion app (below BSSID in image) and also for Android companion app.

It seems there is already an issue in Github for this.