Mobile app v2023.12 does not launch on iOS 12.5.7

The mobile app v2023.12 no longer starts on iOS 12.5.7 on an iPad Mini 2 after an update.
When starting the app, it closes immediately.
I have already reinstalled the app using the offload unused apps function and restarted the iPad.
Does anyone have any ideas what else I could try?

Did you read the release announcement?

Support for iOS 14 and below will be dropped next year. You can still use the browser.

Thank you, I’ve read it, but version 2013.12 should actually still run on iOS 12.

However, I will now look for a newer tablet so that I can continue to display my dashboard :slight_smile:


Just so I understand this correctly. The version 2023.12 will not work on iPad´s with 12.5.7 installed or is there an minor update coming that will fix the issue of the app closing down?


Why would they fix something that is going to be discontinued?

That is true but as it said it would work on 12.5.7 and it doesn’t I would assume that it would be fixed so that the once that are using old tablets have time to swap these out. :slight_smile:

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According to the release information, this version would be the last that is still supported under iOS 12 to 14. But it has turned out that it already no longer works with iOS 12.5.7
The app crashes immediately. Need to install the previous version but don’t know how. I’m running the app on a iPad which is mounted on the wall with a special wall mount. I have already bought a new iPad and ordered a new wall mount. But, it takes at least 6 weeks delivery time. So, need some time to swap my hardware.

Or use the web browser instead.

Is this issue actually going to be fixed before support for iOS 14 & below ends?

My understanding of support ending is that the App will no longer receive updates to the Companion app from the Apple App store for devices running iOS 14 or below. I do not expect the App to be crippled & left non functional on these devices.

For devices running iOS 14 & below, users should be offered the older ‘unsupported’ but functional version for installation.

So will this issue causing Companion App v2023.12 to immediately crash on iOS 12.5.7 be fixed?

If not, then a solution for uninstalling the update & returning to the previously functional version of the Companion app is needed.

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Bug was reported: