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Mobile_app vs ios push notifications


So, i’m feeling entirely lost here.

What’s the relationship between the ios component and the mobile_app component in HA? Can one, or the other, be removed? Is there one? I know the new beta 2.0 app creates and registers a new mobile_app device when it connects for the first time.

I fear that I’ve entirely broken my push-notifications while trying to fix this issue. I currently do not have a “mobile_app.xxx” device for my iphone, But if I goto config/integrations, I do have a “Mobile App: IPhone”.

In the mobile app/config/notifications, I do get a push id, do I need to copy this somewhere? Also, is ios.conf/.ios.conf still being used?

Any help to get me un-stuck would be appreciated.

As always, @robbiet480 keep up the good work, the new app looks and works amazingly well! Really love the new design, and all the added functionality.


In 2.0, the only thing the ios component is used for is Actionable notification configuration in YAML. You can accomplish the same thing by configuring in the app though. ios.conf is no longer used. The push ID should be updating automatically. Are you on the very latest beta version (55 at time of writing) and Home Assistant 0.92.2? You should be. Join me on Discord and I or one of my helper elves can help you get straightened out.

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So. What when I have


But when I try send any notification I have this error:

019-05-09 17:38:16 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mobile_app.notify] Requested entity was not found.

How clear all sensors and added thing by iOS app in server?


Dead link. Found it here: