Mobile Lights Dashboard Redesign

More details found here: SWAKES_hassio/guides at master · pqpxo/SWAKES_hassio · GitHub


Hi there,

I really really love your dashboard but I don’t know where to start, can you point me into the right direction? How do I create the mobile dashboard inside HA? I will edit the files for my needs thats not a problem I just need a start

Hi - trying to take a stab at these buttons and wondering where I can find the lightcl.png and multic.png icons? I don’t see them on yr github. Thanks.

I was wondering the same thing. Can you point us in the right direction @pqpxd ?

Hi there!

I couldn’t find the ‘lightcl.png’ but here is the other

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Thanks a lot!

Love this and your guide is ace! Only oddity i’m getting (having copied and pasted and replaced with my entities etc) is that the buttons for each light in a room change size depending on how many i have. so 1 and its huge, 2 smaller etc etc. Not sure how to get them to remain the same size always like you have… despite me using your code haha