Mobile notification icon not showing up

I’m experimenting with icon_url for notifications.

It doesn’t seem to work: I’ve refreshed my app so that it syncs with the server and also added e.g. a dummy action (not included below) just as a change to ensure the config did sync. The default HA icon remains, instead of the one I set.

    - service: notify.mobile_app_ceres
        title: "Batteries"
        message: >
          {%- set batteries = states.sensor
                                | selectattr('attributes.monitor','eq',True)
                                | selectattr('attributes.device_class','eq','battery')
                                | map(attribute='entity_id')
          The following devices have less than {{ threshold }}% charge:
          {%- for b in batteries %}
            {%- if states(b) | int < threshold %}
           - {{ state_attr(b, 'friendly_name') | replace(' Battery', '') }}: {{ states(b) | int }}%
            {%- endif -%}
          {%- endfor %}
          group: "batteries"
          url: homeassistant://navigate/lovelace/devices
          icon_url: ""

The icon_url in the current docs uses a broken link. I’ve submitted a PR for that.

I’m using iOS. I couldn’t find anything in the docs that states that it only works for a specific platform. Otherwise, there are surprisingly few hits on the forum for issues about this. Either I’m missing something very obvious, or almost nobody is using this feature.

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Go back to the docs and keep reading, your using the incorrect parameter.

Thanks, but I’m not seeing what you’re alluding to.

Here is what I’ve considered:

I’m not using both an image and icon here (and it applies only to Android).

Notification Status Bar Icon – only applies to Android. Also, I know MDI doesn’t (yet) work for iOS and that SFSymbols should be used (and these are used in actions).

The iOS/macOS Specific only refers to badges and sounds – neither of which I’m using here.

Presentation Options isn’t relevant either.

Can you be more specific as to what I’ve missed?

sorry totally missed the part about you being on iOS :man_facepalming: the feature you are looking at is android only, the docs do a good job of calling stuff like this out. I saw you attempted to use icon_url but thats for a different icon in android notification.

No worries. That particular section then needs an Android indicator. I’ll submit a PR.

that entire section has the android logo :wink: See where “Notification Icon” is?

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Indeed… You’re right. Thank you. I did indeed miss that.