Mobile Phones not Recognised

For some strange reason both mine and my wife’s mobile phones are not recognised as being at home? They were previously recognised, yet over the past few months that has ceased? I’ve tried a number of config changes to fix the problem, but no success.

My tablet is recognised, but not our phones. Very strange? Any ideas greatly appreciated?

How would they be recognised as home?
If we don’t know that then it’s hard to help.

See the screen grab from Home Assistant developer tools…

What is also interesting, the MAC address is incorrect… yet the phone has not been changed.

If the MAC has changed then that is the reason.

Check that MAC randomization is not enabled for the relevant WiFi network on each phone under the per-network settings cog (referenced as ‘Privacy’)

Hi @TazUk that was the issue… had no idea there was that option, but there you go.

I turned off randomised, but now it is showing another different MAC. So I need to figure out how to remove all the old entries in entities/devices.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: